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BlockDown Through 2020

Inspired by the international Covid-19 crisis, BlockDown Conference was established in the spring of 2020, with the goal of bringing the blockchain and crypto communities together from all corners of the globe, during a challenging time for all.

From a virtual 3D experience during BlockDown #1, through to live streaming in 3 different languages for the second iteration, and a Halloween spectacular for BlockDown 3.0 – each BlockDown event brings gusto and inspiration to an already forward-thinking space.

International Flavour

BlockDown Latam – November 2020

BlockDown travelled to Latin America in November 2020 to deliver  a virtual event completely in Spanish and in partnership with CriptoNoticias, Bitcoin Argentina, Blockchain Colombia and Satoshi en Venezuela.

Speakers included Akon, Juan Rodríguez de Papá Bitcoin y Criptos, Rodolfo Andragnes, Josh Swihart, Alejandro Machado, Mauricio Tovar, Diana Aguilar and Javier Bastardo, with presentations from some of the top social impact projects of the region such as Open Money Initiative, DIDI Digital Identity and Blockchain in School from Bitcoin Argentina.

Topics Covered


With the global economy set to experience testy times for the next few months at least, responsible investment in cryptocurrency is a topic that many will be wanting to explore in more detail.

Social Impact

Blockchain technology has the power to change lives, which is why more and more projects are dedicating resources to making a difference; something many of our speakers at BlockDown are passionate about.


The gaming industry is certainly growing at an exponential rate and a look at how blockchain technology can support the new generation of game tech is sure to excite many members of our audience.


Trading can be intimidating, to say the least, which is why we’re bringing in experts and leaders to discuss the benefts of smart trading and what we should be mindful of in order to maximise our results.


Decentralized finance is a game-changer for businesses as more and more companies look to utilise smart contracts, protocols, and decentralized applications. Hear opinions from the biggest leaders in the space regarding what the future holds for DeFi.


Security, blockchain and cryptocurrency – three words we often see together, and three topics that should always be spoken about together. Let all your security-related questions be answered here at BlockDown.


How does affect blockchain protect privacy? What’s the difference between public and private keys? How secure is blockchain really? We’re getting answers to your burning privacy questions right here, right now.


What enterprise blockchain trends can we expect to see throughout the rest of 2021, and will this year be the year that the corporate world and end-users are really ready to adopt and embrace blockchain?

20,000+ Attendees

The total number of attendees throughout all
2020 BlockDown editions was 20,000+






Live Streams on Media Sites



Digital Press Conferences
and Conversations

In this fast-paced and ever-changing space, we’re proud to offer you the very latest developments from leaders in our industry, as they announce new plans, specifc missions and answer your questions.

International superstar Akon and his cryptocurrency project, Akoin, held a groundbreaking press conference on the frst day of BlockDown 2020 #1.

We bring the latest developments in this space directly to you – no matter your location.

From live Q&As, to live AMAs – this is your chance to truly be part of the conversation that is happening right here and right now. Not only can you watch incredible thought leaders in the blockchain space discuss the important issues of the day, you can interact with the session and share your thoughts with other attendees.