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April Speakers

  • Akon

    Chairman & Co-Founder
  • Of American-Senegalese descent, Akon is recognized as one of the most powerful voices across Africa and the Diaspora, named to the Forbes Celebrity 100 & 40 Most Powerful Celebrities in Africa lists. In addition to having two multi-platinum albums, 27 songs on the Billboard Hot 100, he is among the first artists to accomplish the feat of holding both the number one and two spots simultaneously on the Billboard Hot 100 charts twice. Through Akon Lighting Africa, he has already brought solar power to 18 countries in Africa, creating safety, health and well-being for over 100M of the 600M Africans who lack electricity today.

  • Sergey Nazarov

  • Sergey Nazarov is the Co-founder of Chainlink, the leading decentralized oracle network used by global enterprises and projects at the forefront of the blockchain space. Chainlink enables smart contracts on any blockchain to reliably connect to real-world data and currently secures billions in value for smart contracts across the decentralized finance (DeFi), insurance, and gaming industries, among others. Working with leading banks, insurance companies, and large technology firms on the creation of universally connected smart contracts gives Nazarov a unique perspective on what is required to drive mainstream adoption of blockchain technology.

  • Jimmy Song

    Bitcoin Educator
    Programming Blockchain
  • Jimmy Song is a Bitcoin educator, developer and entrepreneur. For the majority of his 20-year programming career, Song has worked as a software developer for a wide array of companies in different fields. He began exploring Bitcoin in 2011 and was contributing to open-source Bitcoin projects by 2013. In 2014, he joined Monetas, where he led the development of Bitcoin integration with open transactions. ​After developing a bitcoin wallet for Armory Technologies, Song became the principal architect for Paxos. In 2018, Song joined Blockchain Capital ​as a venture partner. In addition, he runs Programming Blockchain, a company that trains students around the world in blockchain programming and development techniques.

  • Francis X. Suarez

    Mayor of Miami
  • Francis X. Suarez is the 33rd Mayor of Miami. As the first Miami-born mayor, he is committed to building a Miami that lasts forever and that welcomes everyone. Elected with an electoral mandate of 86 percent, Mayor Suarez has championed the integration of climate adaptive technologies, building practices, and economic policies across all facets of government as part of his Miami Forever Plan. Under his leadership, Miami has cut crime and cut taxes to one of their lowest points in over fifty years, spurring an economic resurgence and expansion across Miami. Mayor Suarez has also pursued a package of affordable housing reforms that leverages federal opportunity zones with the activation of underutilized land to increase access to affordable housing and homeownership for working people and communities of color. As the son of former Miami Mayor, Xavier L. Suarez, Mayor Suarez learned the values of public service and servant-leadership along with the need for economic opportunity, fairness, equal rights, and reconciliation for all. Mayor Suarez earned his bachelor’s degree in finance from Florida International University, graduating in the top ten percent of his class, and then received his law degree from the University of Florida Levin College of Law, where he graduated cum laude. Mayor Suarez was recently selected to serve as an Aspen Institute Rodel Fellow and was also named as a Time Future 100 Leader. In July 2020, he was nominated and elected by American mayors to serve as the Second Vice President and President of the US Conference of Mayors for the 2022-2023 term. He currently practices law with Greenspoon Marder LLP, a nationally-recognized law firm specializing in corporate and real-estate transactions. Mayor Suarez is married to Gloria Fonts Suarez. They have a son, Andrew Xavier, and a daughter, Gloriana Pilar. They love Miami and consider themselves blessed to raise their family in the Magic City.

  • Erik Voorhees

    CEO & Founder
  • Erik Voorhees is among the top-recognized serial Bitcoin advocates and entrepreneurs. He founded ShapeShift in August 2014 as an elegant, secure, and fast solution to digital asset exchanges. Erik has been a featured guest on Bloomberg, Fox Business, CNBC, BBC Radio, The Peter Schiff Show, and numerous blockchain industry conferences. His past affiliations include: BitInstant, Coinapult, and SatoshiDICE, which was responsible for most of the world’s Bitcoin transactions in 2012 and 2013.

  • Emin Gün Sirer

    Founder and CEO
    Ava Labs
  • Emin Gün Sirer is a professor of computer science at Cornell University and Founder and CEO of Ava Labs. His expertise spans operating systems, networking, and distributed systems, with special emphasis on blockchains and peer-to-peer systems. He is well-known for having implemented the first currency that used Proof-of-Work (PoW) to mint coins, as well as for selfish mining, characterizing the scale and centralization of existing cryptocurrencies, and having proposed the leading protocols for on-chain and off-chain scaling. He is also the Co-Director of the Initiative for Cryptocurrencies and Smart Contracts (IC3), which aims to move blockchain-based applications from today’s whiteboards and Proof-of-Concepts to tomorrow’s fast and reliable financial systems of execution and record.

  • Wes Levitt

    Head of Strategy
    Theta Labs
  • Wes Levitt is Head of Strategy for Theta Labs, where he works on corporate strategy, marketing and press relations, and analytics. He has been a speaker on blockchain topics at conferences like the New York Media Festival, Blockchain Connect, and NAB Streaming Summit among others. Prior to joining Theta Labs, Wes spent 8 years in investment roles in real estate equity and securitized debt. He holds a BS in Economics from University of Oregon and an MBA from UC-Berkeley Haas School of Business.

  • Twobadour

    Steward of
  • Bio Content strategist, communications professional, and steward of Metapurse, the largest NFT fund in the world.

  • Stani Kulechov

    Founder & CEO
  • Stani Kulechov is the Founder and CEO of Aave, an open source and non-custodial money market protocol to earn interest on deposits and borrow assets. Stani was studying law at the University of Helsinki when he first got into Ethereum and he started exploring how it could impact the traditional financial system. In 2017, Stani released ETHLend, one of the first DeFi DApps ever. Since then, he has made it his mission to create tools for an open, transparent, and equitable financial ecosystem through Aave Protocol.

  • Artur Sychov

    Founder and CEO
    Somnium Space
  • Artur Sychov is the Founder and CEO of Somnium Space. He has been navigating virtual worlds for more than two decades starting with Ultima Online in 1999, then Second Life, and many more. Artur strongly believes in the ultimate future of Virtual Reality worlds with an open and decentralized economy.

  • Nicholas Merten

    Host & Founder
  • Nicholas Merten is the founder of DataDash, the largest cryptocurrency YouTube channel with over 315,000 subscribers. Being an international speaker, thought-leader, and crypto analyst in the space, he’s utilized his over seven years of experience in traditional markets to understand the potential of cryptocurrencies.

  • Tri Pham

    CEO and Co-founder
  • Tri is a Tech Startup founder and advisor in London with over 10 years of entrepreneurship experience in multiple sectors such as mobile app, finance, and services. He focuses his business on bringing cutting-edge technologies to the mass.
    Besides being tech-savvy, Tri also has experience in raising and managing to fund for both of his businesses and other award-winning enterprises. He received  Entrepreneurship Grant Award from Santander. 
    Tri is a blockchain enthusiast since 2013 and been researching the technology ever since. From 2017, he actively invested in many successful blockchain projects.
    Tri received his BSc. Applied Physic from Vietnam National University and his MSc. Management from UEA London.

  • Koroush Khaneghah

    Market Meditations
  • Koroush Khaneghah is a trader, investor, and entrepreneur. He is also the founder of Market Meditations; one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency newsletters. Koroush is well known for publishing free, comprehensive and easy to interpret cryptocurrency and finance based education across various social media platforms.

  • Jonathan Kol

    Galaxy Digital
  • Jon is a Director for Galaxy Digital’s Principal Investment Group, where he and his partner oversee the firm’s investments. Jon has been a Venture Capital investor in the Crypto space for a number of years and has backed companies and networks including; Terra, Solana, Radicle, 1inch, FalconX and others. Prior to joining Galaxy, Jon had been a Venture investor for John Burbank’s Passport Capital. Jon previously served in the IDF and earned his bachelor’s in Economics from UC Berkeley.

  • Timothea Horwell

    Chief Marketing Officer
    Orion Protocol
  • Timothea Horwell is Orion Protocol’s Chief Marketing Officer. Over the last decade, she’s worked with tech companies in the data, mobile, and fintech space: from building business strategies at a start-up incubator through to Head of Marketing and Research within Telefonica.

    Focused on driving revenue and growth through commercially-driven marketing strategy, Timothea saw few businesses in the space bridging the gap between crypto and traditional marketing. With the sheer scale of Orion Protocol’s mission to build the future of trading, she’s committed to bringing Orion to the masses.

  • Dylan Dewdney

    Lead of NFT3 and Kylin Network and Co-Founder of OneBit Digital
  • Dylan Dewdney is a longtime crypto and blockchain enthusiast (2011), currently CSO of Kylin Network and CEO of NFT3. He believes in the fundamental transformative power of blockchain technology to change our lives for the better. Specifically, he is interested in decentralized data systems and platforms of all kinds. He also popularized the notion of 'dedata' or decentralized data.

  • Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr

  • Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr is managing editor and head of features at Cointelegraph. M.A. in political science and classical philology she is a passionate communicator promoting innovations, translating them into simple languages and helping visionaries to be heard.

  • Jon Karas

    President, Co-Founder
  • Finance, Entertainment and Technology industry entrepreneur, seasoned capital formation leader, film producer, and talent representative. With over 25 years in the entertainment and finance industries, Jon is a major force at the intersection of celebrity and social good. He is a founding Advisory Board member of Slate Entertainment Group, creator of disruptive crypto-driven streaming and ticketing platforms. As a veteran of the William Morris Agency, he founded Infinity Management International in 1990, which represents top record producers, film and television writers, directors, and producers. He began his career practicing transactional and securities law at two major law firms on Park Avenue in New York.

  • Mark Emanuel Cachia

    Scytale Ventures
  • Mark Emanuel Cachia founded Scytale Ventures in 2017, to combine his financial industry experience with the technological know-how and blockchain industry access of Ed Hesse, Gavin Wood, and Aeron Buchanan. Scytale Ventures advises the blockchain venture investment vehicle Scytale Horizon, which is now in wind-down mode, having realized over 2,000% in gross profits. Scytale Horizon II, which closed in early 2022, invests in teams driving the adoption of blockchain. He advises a number of foundations and companies in the blockchain space, including the Web 3 Foundation and Ocean Protocol.
    Originally from New York, he spent over 20 years in various roles in financial markets and asset management in the US and Europe prior to 2017.

  • Lynn Liss

    Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder
  • Social Impact entrepreneur, operating executive, driving financial revolutions and related technology, partnerships and business models. Lynn has over 10+ years in the social impact sector; advising, executing and operating innovating business models for world change. An early mover in the 'blockchain for good' space, Lynn was a founding partner at ICO Impact Group, providing advisement to blockchain companies and new cryptocurrencies with a social impact. Over 10+ years as an executive consultant with leading firms BearingPoint and CGI-AMS providing strategic advisement and deploying innovative technology with Fortune 500s, including negotiating a $20M+ deal signed by the COO of Microsoft. Combined with an MBA in Strategy/Finance from the University of Chicago, Lynn has deep networks and experience across the startup, venture capital, entertainment, finance, technology, and social good sectors.

  • Sébastien Borget

    Co-founder and COO
    The Sandbox
  • Sébastien Borget is the Co-founder and COO of The Sandbox, a unique virtual world where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences using NFTs & SAND, the main utility token of the platform.  Sebastien also became the President of the Blockchain Game Alliance in 2020, a non-profit organization of 170 key members of the industry. He was recently named in the Top #100 most influential people in crypto by CoinTelegraph

  • Jamie Burke

    CEO & Co-Founder
    Outlier Ventures
  • Jamie Burke, Founder, and CEO of Outlier Ventures provides an overview of bitcoin and blockchain and the ways that companies can aggressively push their businesses forward with emerging technologies.
    Burke is a pioneer in the blockchain industry. As Europe's 1st Web 3.0 blockchain venture builder, he and his team have pushed forward on utilizing blockchain as a significant key to emerging trends (AI, Mixed Reality, IoT, and Autonomous Robotics) that will play key roles in multiple industries such as Industry 4.0, eGovt, Health, Mobility, and Smart Cities.

  • Wendy O

    Beyond Associates
  • Wendy became interested in cryptocurrency & blockchain technology in 2017. She quickly realized that blockchain technology would not only revolutionize & improve the quality of life, but that it would also provide financial reformation for people globally. Wendy has been in crypto full time since the summer of 2018 & focuses on providing transparent marketing & media solutions for blockchain companies globally, along with hosting face to face meetups and educating the community.

  • Erhan Korhaliller

    Founder of BlockDown Festival, EAK Digital, Istanbul Blockchain Week
  • Erhan Korhaliller is the Founder of BlockDown Festival, EAK Digital, Istanbul Blockchain Week, a specialist blockchain PR agency. Prior to launching EAK Digital, Erhan previously managed large scale project teams for blue-chip brands such as Nike, Rolls Royce, and Vodafone, successfully guiding his teams to multiple advertising awards, including a platinum award from Campaign Magazine. Erhan continues to lead from the front, giving PR a voice in the blockchain industry as a speaker at global events.

  • Kyn Chaturvedi

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Kyn Chaturvedi is the Chief Operating Officer at Minterest Finance, a cross-chain lending protocol on Polkadot. Formerly he was the CBDO at TomoChain, South East Asia's largest public blockchain. His 15 year professional career spans 7 countries as a technology entrepreneur and management consultant for startups. Kyn also holds an MBA from the Wharton School of Business and Bachelor Degrees in both Industrial Engineering & Economics from Georgia Tech

  • Bette Chen

  • Bette is the co-founder of Acala, Karura & Laminar, building decentralized financial hub, stablecoin and a suite of DeFi products on Polkadot and Kusama. Acala & Karura is backed Polychain, Pantera, Coinbase Venture, Digital Currency Group and many other supporters, with 200k+ community members worldwide. She also help founded the Substrate Developer Academy endorsed by Dr Gavin Wood and Parity to bring more professional developer into the ecosystem. 

  • Andrey Shevchenko

  • Andrey is the Technology Editor at Cointelegraph. Based in Italy with Russian roots, Andrey discovered the world of crypto by hunting for cybersecurity bounties. He worked at several blockchain startups before turning to journalism, almost by chance. He’s passionate about technology and business in equal measure, and sees blockchain as a potential driver of deep societal change.

  • Cal Evans

    Managing Associate
    Gresham International
  • Cal is the Managing Associate of Gresham International, a UK & Ukrainian lawyer and US Securities Consultant with experience working in top law firms in both California and London.

  • Zia Word

    Co founder & General Partner
  • Zia is an experienced entrepreneur with two exits. Involved in blockchain since 2013, she was co-founder & CSO of crypto & blockchain ecosystem 途赞 in China, exiting late 2018. She has consulted with many of the top Web3 projects and VCs in the space. She has since consulted with many of the top Web3 projects and VCs in the space. Zia started Matterblock, with partner Erhan Korhaliller to invest in and support Web3 projects pushing the culture forward. She regularly appears on Sky News & Sky Business sharing insights on the industry.

  • Julius Mwale

    Principal Investor
    Mwale Medical and Technology City
  • Mr. Julius Mwale is a successful industrial entrepreneur, and investor with more than 20 years of proven track record in innovative investments in Technology, Energy, Health, Retail and Construction industries. Currently Mr. Mwale is a Principal of the US $ 2 billion Mwale Medical and Technology City (MMTC) based in Western Kenya. As a lead investor of MMTC he invested and mobilized over US $ 2 billion to build the new City with a 100% green concept and began construction in 2014. The City is 85% complete as of December 2019 and is expected to be fully completed by December 2020 and will be the first smart city in the world to operate exclusively on blockchain. Mr. Mwale’s company and technologies were key to enabling the establishment of mobile digital identity infrastructure that became a secure foundation for digital money transfer services worldwide. Mr. Mwale currently sits on the boards mainly as chairman of more than 20 companies in Technology, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Health, Construction, Hospitality, Human Resources, Energy, and Engineering industries. Since 2007 he has been the Chairman of the New York based American Institute for African Development (AIAD).

  • Antoni Bukov

    Co-founder & CTO
  • I am involved in software development since 2002, for 7 years I was achieved strong C++ skills, for 5 years I became experienced iOS Developer, worked deep with network stack of protocols, algorithms, compilers, disassemblers, profilers and etc. Right now I am enchanted by blockchain crypto technologies and interested in consensus problem solutions for crypto projects.

  • Andy Pickering

    Senior Editor
    Brave New Coin
  • Andy Pickering is a senior editor at Brave New Coin and the host of BNC's popular Crypto Conversation podcast. He was first introduced to Bitcoin by Kim Dotcom in 2014 when he worked with The Internet Party.

  • Lisa N Edwards

    Founding Partner & Influencer & Visual Media Group
  • Lisa N Edwards is a trusted name in cryptocurrency circles. Originating from a strong media background, having owned, and run Melbourne, Australia’s most highly successful Acting Modelling and Casting Agency. Since Bitcoin was created, Lisa has been at the forefront of cryptocurrency, an Elliot Wave specialist trader, with 25 plus years of experience in Traditional Stocks and Commodities and now exclusively in Cryptocurrency. Her businesses include,,, and Combining her passions to show the world how crypto & NFTs will revolutionize the film industry, Lisa’s excited to showcase this new funding structure with her crypto film script - COINRUNNERS.

  • Frances Coppola

    Independent Financial Commentator
  • Frances writes on finance and economics for a wide range of media and industry publications. She is a commentator for the BBC and is in demand as a speaker at economics and finance conferences. Her blog Coppola Comment is widely read in the finance & economics community. Frances’s book “The Case for People’s QE” was published by Polity Books in June 2019. It was Bloomberg’s Book of the Month in September 2019 and was listed on Martin Wolf’s summer reading list at the Financial Times.

  • Alex De Vries

  • In 2014 Alex founded the blog This blog is a platform for research, dedicated to exposing the unintended consequences of digital trends. The blog is best known for featuring the Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index since late 2016, which has played a major role in the global discussion regarding the sustainability of proof-of-work-based blockchains.

  • Eric Ma

    Deeper Network
  • Previously a core member of CoinMarketCap, he took charge of building the groundwork of their community to what it has become today. Being front-facing, Eric met with members of the community online and offline. He also played a key role in seeking strategic partnerships for CoinMarketCap helping the company to become a multimillion-dollar company.

    Eric is an award winning public speaker and often takes to the stage to educate and share his experience with new blockchain products and ideas with the blockchain community.

    As the VP of Marketing at Deeper Network, Eric sees new products and innovation as key drivers to the blockchain industry. With the demand for technology growing non-stop, together with the talent at Deeper Network, Eric will help lead the company to new heights and achieve new milestones in the years ahead.

  • Yuriy Kovalev

    Founder & CEO
  • Entrepreneur with years of experience in team leadership, product development, and marketing. Yuriy's passion for code, design, and trading has brought to fruition his vision of Zenfuse, the revolutionary cryptocurrency trading platform

  • Cyrus Taghehchian & Lindsey Mallon

    CEO of Splyt &
    CMO of Splyt
  • Cyrus Taghehchian, CEO, pioneered the NFT concept back in 2017 before the erc-20 was adopted, looking to resolve the double sale problem and fractional ownership. He leads with kindness and enjoys enabling people to realize their goals. Prior to Splyt, he was a Deloitte Consultant for e-commerce and digital marketing tech implementations, and serial entrepreneur - 6x founder with 2 portfolio companies at Silicon Valley VCs.
    Lindsey Mallon, CMO, brings over a decade of experience in branding and retail. She is a RISD graduate with experience from brand conception through product development and production and sales, so she brings a thorough understanding of the solutions Splyt resolves and how to carry the vision forward. Her career is focused on sustainable commerce with an emphasis on labor standards and humanizing partnerships.

  • Julia Cordova

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Julia Cordova is a unique chartist and technical analysis expert known for both colorful language and stunning prescient accuracy in predicting market movement. She first gained widespread recognition for calling the gold and miners breakout at 1285 and her popular free weekly YouTube videos reviewing ES, Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, and Natural Gas have become a part of many traders' preparation planning routine.

  • Cynthia Gentry

    PR Executive
    EAK Digital
  • Cynthia has a background in Computer Engineering at UT Austin, Computer Science at UTSA.
    Former Consultant at USAA Bank. A Code2040, a Silicon Valley minority tech initiative, scholarship fellow. 

  • Santiago R. Santos

    ParaFi Capital
  • Santiago is Partner at ParaFi Capital, an alternative investment firm focused on blockchain and decentralized finance markets. He’s been investing in crypto since 2012. Ex-JPMorgan Investment Banking and Sageview Capital.

  • Hyungsuk Kang

    Founder & CTO
  • Hyungsuk is a software engineer who creates new opportunities with disruptive technologies. With his versatility from years of research and development in software industries in cutting edge field, he enjoys challenges in technical problems, and thrives to solve it with the most effective and efficient way. His research interests are now financial mechanisms in blockchain, deployable artificial intelligence, smart devices.

  • Charlie Hu

    Head Advisor for & Managing Partner of CarbonBlue Ventures
  • Charlie is a specialist in Blockchain and related applications. He is the co-founder of PolkaBase with active engagement in the Chinese Polkadot community. Charlie has more than 7 years of experience in the blockchain industry with an emphasis on community building, ecosystem development, and growth marketing. He has successfully incubated and supported multiple Polkadot projects to into global level.

  • Matthew Niemerg

    Aleph Zero Foundation
  • Earned a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Colorado State University. Has held numerous visiting scientist and postdoc positions worldwide, is a Simons-Berkeley Fellow, and while at IBM was at the Center of Excellence Fellow in High Performance Computing at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Has been actively involved in the blockchain space since 2014. In 2018, co-founded Aleph Zero and Cardinal Cryptography to focus on providing solutions related to security and consensus protocols, cryptographic schemes, as well as applying sound business and technological models for projects in the DLT space.

  • Ivan Soto-Wright

    Co Founder & CEO
  • Ivan Soto-Wright is a financial technology entrepreneur, investor, and early adopter of digital assets. He is Co-Founder & CEO of MoonPay, which builds payments infrastructure for crypto. He is also Founder & General Partner at HODL, a venture capital fund and company builder.

  • Daryl Hok

  • Daryl Hok is the chief operating officer of CertiK. Previously, he spearheaded corporate development at FiscalNote, a global machine-learning GovTech unicorn. He obtained a dual B.A. in economics and psychology from Yale University, concentrating in behavioral economics.

  • Majed Mohsen

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer
    Aurix Exchange
  • A computer engineer with great experience in trading and coding. He has a strong relevant background and several successful tech startups behind – Majed developed various solutions for different industries from e-commerce to consumer electronics.

  • Dr Edmund Schuster

    Associate Professor of Law
    The London School of Economics
  • Edmund Schuster is an Associate Professor at the London School of Economics. His research focuses on corporate law and, more generally, the intersection between law, finance, and economics. In his recent article “Cloud Crypto Land” , Edmund explores how the law limits the usefulness and feasibility of asset tokenizations using blockchains. He is currently writing a paper on the legal aspects of NFTs.

  • Igneus Terrenus

    Head of Communications
  • Igneus is the head of communications and a media spokesperson at Bybit, one of the world’s fastest-growing cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges. He is a relentless advocate for transformative innovation and a staunch supporter of progressive regulation, helping to shed light on Bybit’s pursuit of bringing quality products and a fair, transparent, and efficient trading environment to retail and professional clients around the globe.

  • Craig Cobb

  • Craig Cobb is the Co-Founder of Tradercobb and a globally recognized educator and speaker in business, trading, and cryptocurrency. He is the podcast host of the top-ranking podcast The TraderCobb Crypto Podcast, which has achieved number 1 ranking in Apple iTunes in Australia, UK, USA, NZ, Japan, Belgium, France & Singapore.
    Craig is considered a positive leader in the world of Crypto trading, putting his integrity and audience first always. He has been in financial markets since he was 16 years old and has been doing so professionally for the better part of his adult life, having worked with and been mentored by some of the top traders around the world.
    He has now been trading crypto exclusively for the past few years, without ever risking more than 3% of his account. He has boiled down his success factors into three easy-to-follow, checklist-based strategies to be used in any type of market, be it bullish or bearish.

  • Pplpleasr

    Digital Artist
  • Pplpleasr is a digital artist known for her collaborations with DeFi protocols such as Aave, Sushiswap, Yearn Finance, and more.
    Most recently she is known for her work on the Uniswap v3 animation, in which she raised funds by selling it as an NFT for a charitable cause.

  • George Connolly

  • With a 25 year career leading businesses in a variety of industries, inclusive of  16 with a 21 market,  Systems Solutions Integrator, George is a highly experienced management executive with a record of success reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and stimulating bottom-line growth for start-ups, midsize, and multimillion-dollar organizations.George’s expertise spans multiple industries and sectors, across domestic, regional and international markets. It offers a rare blend of fiscal leadership underpinned by operational management, HR, marketing, business development and technological expertise. George has successfully led technology teams in AUSTRALIA, Central America and the CaribbeanGeorge holds an  MBA - International Business- Finance/Economics from the University of Liverpool, and a BSc – Marketing & Finance -Market Research/Statistics: Humber College. He is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, a Rotarian and a  regular speaker with Commonwealth Business Forum on National ICT strategies, E-government, Smart City development and Electronic Health Records.

  • Whit Gibbs

    Compass Mining
  • Whit became fascinated with bitcoin mining in 2018 and started HASHR8 Podcast to learn from industry leaders. He grew the show to become the #1 bitcoin mining podcast on Spotify and iTunes and in 2020, HASHR8 Podcast was recognized as one of the Top 20 Crypto Podcasts.
    In 2020, he founded Compass Mining with Paul Gosker and Thomas Heller, to democratize hashrate by giving everyone the ability to profitably mine bitcoin. Compass is the first bitcoin mining marketplace and has helped hundreds of first-time miners start operations of their own.
    Prior to founding Compass Mining, Whit held leadership and project management positions with Hilton Hotels, Aliant Payment Systems, and

  • Layah Heilpern

    Journalist, Video Content Creator & Motivator
  • Layah is a journalist, presenter content creator and motivator. Her goal is to empower others to take responsibility over their finances, health and general life success.

  • Alex Fazel

    Chief Partnership Officer
  • Chief Partnership Officer at SwissBorg, a crypto wealth management app based out of Switzerland ($1.5 BN Assets Under Management/ serving over 350 K active users, Alex is also the Creator/ Host of CryptonitesTV, a 4K crypto educational show built with and for the community featuring some of the world's greatest crypto educators.

  • Pradeep Goel

  • Pradeep Goel, CEO of Solve.Care, has extensive expertise in blockchain, finance, technology, and healthcare. He has been in the CEO, COO, CIO, and CTO roles at various innovative technology and healthcare companies over the last 26 years.
    Pradeep was deeply involved in designing and building solutions for public programs such as Medicaid eligibility and enrollment, Children health insurance program administration, Medicare claims, SNAP/TANF administration and payments, Child Welfare program administration, and many others.
    He has worked for and with commercial insurance companies as the top technology executive, and implemented benefit administration, consumer engagement, claimed medication and payment systems.
    During the last 26+ years, Pradeep has built 4 healthcare IT companies and has been at the top of Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500, INC500/5000 fastest growing companies lists multiple times. From 2012 to 2017 Pradeep has been working with healthcare initiatives of the Obama Administration to design and build several public program solutions including Medicaid, Medicare, social services, children’s health, mental health and many other programs. Pradeep was included in the 100 most promising entrepreneurs globally, compiled by Goldman Sachs.

  • Lisa JY Tan

    Founder / Economist
    Economics Design
  • Lisa is the founder and lead economist at Economics Design, a research-focused consultancy for digital ecosystems. In the academic world, she contributes to research work in various fields like math and economics, while having practitioner exposure with startups and global businesses. She’s also one of the leaders in a United Nations x Stanford University project on regulating digital currencies.
    She was one of the first few to research and educate on token economics, starting in 2018 London. Since then, she has a weekly podcast on the economics of token ecosystems, an online academy, a published book, and has educated regulators, government, and organizations in London, Singapore, Seoul, Geneva.

  • Henri Pihkala

  • Founded Streamr to make data more available, fair, and valuable for all. Built scalable infrastructure & tools for real-time data for 10 years. Passionate about the decentralization of applications and data infrastructure. Previously CTO at two algorithmic trading companies, one of which he co-founded, and CEO at a startup building cloud-based data infrastructure for IoT.

  • Alex Blagirev

    Deputy CEO
  • Alex Blagirev is a former director of innovations at Otkritie Financial Corporation, which was priorly been largest private-owned bank in Russia.
    Received award as the most innovative bank in Central and Eastern Europe according to the Global Finance Magazine, 2017. He managed the development of R3 in the CIS region, including the initial launch of R3 presence and later launch on several projects on Corda.
    He collaborated and formed with partners the FinTech Association (over 20major bank participants, including Central Bank as a co-founder) and designed the Masterchain - the first financial infrastructure for banking operations on blockchain in Russia, including the first banking transaction for digital identity on the blockchain between 5 Russian banks. Alex had several roles on the edge of Innovations, Data, and finance functions for other large financial institutions such as Alfa-Bank, Rosbank Societe Generale Group, VneshEconomBank (VEB) promoting the new age of accounting and user journey for investment transactions, corporate deals, and retail products. He became one of the earliest Chief Data Officers in Russia and wrote the first Russian business book about BigData (hits Top#1 in analytics bookstore, bestseller for 12 weeks). Ambassador of GBBC (Global Blockchain Business Council).

  • Leonardo I. R. de Carvalho

    CEO & Co-Founder
  • Leonardo is the CEO and Co-Founder of Nftfy, a permissionless and decentralized application for NFTs fractionalization. He is an Electronic Engineer who has been connected to the Brazilian startups ecosystem for almost a decade. Since 2018 he has become fully integrated in the crypto ecosystem, when he also founded his first startup of crypto trading. Leonardo was Head of Innovation at BlockchainBH, a brazilian community focused on crypto research and he has been recently nominated as ConsenSys Ambassador.

  • Marty Bent

    Director of Business Development
    Great American Mining
  • Marty is the Director of Business Development at Great American Mining. Founder of, a Bitcoin-focused media company. He thinks Bitcoin is imperative.

  • Lee Parsons

  • Lee Parsons is the Founder of Ditto Music, a music company that supports over 500,000 independent artists worldwide including Chance The Rapper, Ed Sheeran and more.

  • Hyung Lee

  • Hyung majored in Mathematics in undergraduate, Finance in master’s degree. He worked at an investment bank as an algorithm trader and risk manager for about 10 years, specialized in quant driven algorithmic trading and financial derivatives. Experience on low latency trading development, big data analysis and machine learning applications. He started B-Harvest March 2018, focusing on validator operation and R&D on Tendermint and Cosmos-SDK. Based on his expertise, he is working on designing innovative DeFi applications for interchain environment in Cosmos ecosystem.

  • Kavon Soltani

    Cofounder & CEO
    Taqo Inc.
  • Kavon Soltani is a pioneer in the digital asset field, having worked to establish some of the earliest implementations of revenue recapture (royalty) mechanisms on the blockchain with his cofounding of the Aventus Protocol. A veteran in the blockchain & entertainment spaces, Kavon has recently cofounded, an emerging NFT minting solution focused around an artist first ethos & sustainable mining practices.

  • Eric Chen

    CEO and Co-founder
    Injective Protocol
  • Shane Benjamin

  • Mike Tankel

    Chief Marketing Officer
    Akoin and AkoinNFT
  • Mike believes in making stories more sellable with people he likes and projects that matter. As Chief Marketing Officer for Akoin and AkoinNFT, he is responsible for establishing, sharing, and nourishing the Akoin brand creating engagement, enthusiasm and energized results. He brings with him more than 25 years of experience from the likes of AT&T, top advertising agencies and some of the world’s most recognized global film franchises. Long recognized for his work simplifying the complex across marketing, branding and entertainment, he credits his approach of extreme listening as the key to his track record of success in communicating, differentiating and empowering brands as they stimulate fandoms to the power of good. Currently residing in the Laurel Canyon neighborhood of Los Angeles, Mike hails from the NY/NJ area and attended Rutgers University.

  • Cathy Hackl

  • Cathy Hackl is a leading tech futurist and globally recognized business leader specializing in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), & spatial computing. She is one of LinkedIn's top technology voices (the highest honor on the platform) and a champion for diversity.
    Hackl has worked with some of the biggest names in tech including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Magic Leap, and HTC VIVE. She leads the Futures Intelligence Group, a futures research & consulting firm that works with clients in tech, fashion, media, government, and defense implementing innovation strategies, strategic foresight, and emerging technologies.
    BigThink named Cathy one of the top 10 most influential women in tech in 2020 and she's been called the CEO's business guide to the metaverse. Cathy was included in the 2021 prestigious Thinkers50 Radar list of the 30 management thinkers most likely to shape the future of how organizations are managed and led.
    She is a sought-after keynote speaker and author. She has spoken at CES, SXSW, Comic-Con, Adobe Summit, Harvard Business School. Facebook, Twitter, Aspen Institute, In-Q-Tel, US Navy, SDA Bocconi, IE, Singularity University, and many other places
    Hackl has been featured in media outlets like CNBC, CNN, NBC News, Forbes, Barron’s, Salon, VentureBeat, Digiday, Digital Trends,, and Mashable. She is a global advisor for VR AR Association and was recognized in 2016 by NBC News as one of the top Latina women working in VR.
    Cathy is a professionally trained futurist and uses strategic foresight and futures intelligence to harness
    weak signals and today’s emerging trends and help companies and brands future-proof their long term
    strategic planning

  • Robert Michálek

    Busy Technology
  • Ing. Robert Michálek is a CTO at Busy Technology, graduated engineer at the University of Business and Economics in the field of Systems Engineering and Informatics with a focus on the development of information systems, system integration and IT project management, with many years of experience in this field.

  • Jalak Jobanputra

    Founder\Managing Partner
    Future\Perfect Ventures
  • Jalak Jobanputra is Founding Partner of Future\Perfect Ventures, an early stage
    venture capital fund investing in decentralized technology. She launched the fund in 2014 after
    previously investing for Intel Capital in Silicon Valley in the late 1990s and starting her career on
    Wall Street in the mid-1990s. Jalak was awarded Institutional Investor’s Most Powerful Fintech
    Dealmakers from 2016-2018 and in 2017 was cited as a “Top 5 Investor Powering the
    Blockchain Boom”. Since founding the firm, she has spoken on blockchain technology and
    cryptoassets at many global conferences, including the Milken Global Institute, Dutch
    Development Bank/FMO annual meeting, and The Economist Buttonwood Gathering. She is a
    graduate of the Kellogg School of Management and the University of Pennsylvania.

  • Dan Reecer

    VP of Growth
  • Dan is VP of Growth for Acala where he's leading growth, marketing, and community building efforts for Acala and Karura. Prior to joining Acala, Dan worked on Growth & Community at Web3 Foundation where he helped launch Polkadot and Kusama.

  • Chris Dawe

  • Chris is an athlete-turned-entrepreneur passionate about how blockchain and distributed ledger technology can create socio-economic change in global regions that need gateways to opportunity. As a Chief Executive Officer, he is responsible for guiding the vision of the crypto project Effect.AI, described as an Open,Democratic and Decentralized Network for Artificial Intelligence.Effect.AI, founded in 2016, builds blockchain software platforms which combine the intelligence of 1000’s of humans and cutting-edge algorithms to create automation pipelines for sophisticated digital processes.When he isn’t working, you’ll find Chris butchering Guns N’Roses tunes on his Gibson Les Paul or hunting down giant game fish with his spearguns in South East Asia.


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Live Illustrations

To celebrate 1 year of BlockDown Conference, we’re excited to bring back the live illustrations to commemorate our 4th event.

Every keynote speaker will have illustrated infographics drawn live as they are speaking, ensuring a beautiful shareable takeaway for participants.


General Admission


  • Watch BlockDown 4.0 Live 
  • Receive limited edition NFTs - exclusively available to BlockDown 4.0 ticketholders



  • Watch BlockDown 4.0 Live 
  • Receive limited edition NFTs - exclusively available to BlockDown 4.0 ticketholders
  • Join the BlockDown Clubhouse private room and secret agenda

Special Access VIP


  • Watch BlockDown 4.0 Live
  • Receive limited edition NFTs - exclusively available to BlockDown 4.0 ticketholders
  • Join the BlockDown Clubhouse private room and secret agenda
  • Gain special access to the event's VIP speakers on Clubhouse
  • 3-5 guaranteed questions to ask the speakers on Clubhouse during the 2-day event
  • Special access to roundtable events held on Clubhouse

What You Can Look Forward To

The very best names from the world of crypto

Exclusive panels and sessions from leading projects

Live AMA’s, polls and Q&A’s featuring keynote speakers and the latest trending topics

Exclusive, limited-edition NFTs

Exciting news and updates from top tier crypto projects

Access to the private Clubhouse community and backstage audio content






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