Welcome to the BlockDown Realms

At BlockDown Festival: Croatia, we want you to go on a journey of discovery – through our outstanding content, but also through our immersive surroundings.

At every turn, discover something new as you explore the Amadria Park resort, and the local area which you’ll call home for 3 days.

Our 5 realms offer myriad opportunities to network, mingle and absorb the atmosphere in locations not usually accessible at typical blockchain or Web3 events.

And of course, this is no ordinary event…

Meet Our Realms

Mediterranean Square

One foot in the past, the other? Firmly placed in a vibrant futuristic set-up at one of the most striking areas of Amadria Park Resort. This beautiful square will host several events during the festival, and will be accessible throughout the 3-day extravaganza. Events include a Lightshow Experience, Secret Cinema Sessions and an exclusive VIP Dinner.

En Vogue Beach Club

Who doesn’t love an afterparty right on the coast? The Beach Club Realm is nestled on the edge of the land, perfect for both day and night-time enjoyment. It’s the only place you’ll want to be as we party the night away on the final evening at BlockDown Festival.

Krka Waterfalls

One of the most picturesque collections of waterfalls in Europe is the ideal setting for our next ‘BlockDown Realm’. Here our guests can take part in water-sports and other outdoor activities. Or, simply indulge in a relaxing swim and downtime in nature. The choice is yours.

St Michael’s Fortress

The historical centrepiece of our host city, St Michael’s Fortress is an exclusive BlockDown Realm, designed to be the perfect setting for a VIP concert and evening of connection. Throughout the past centuries, the fortress has been destroyed and rebuilt several times, with most of its structures dating back to the Venetian occupation at the beginning of the 15th Century.