The World's First NFT-Enabled
Web3 Festival

May 11-13, 2022

Šibenik, Croatia

Join us at the most anticipated web3 event of 2022!
We invite you to be part of this new global digital revolution.

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Inspired by the international Covid-19 crisis, BlockDown Conference was established in the spring of 2020, with the goal of bringing the blockchain and crypto communities together from all corners of the globe, during a challenging time for all. 

From a virtual 3D experience during BlockDown #1, through to live streaming in 3 different languages for the second iteration, a Halloween spectacular for BlockDown 3.0, and a Bull Market themed 4th conference, each BlockDown event brings gusto and inspiration to an already forward-thinking space.

BlockDown travelled to Latin America in November 2020 to deliver  a virtual event completely in Spanish and it partnership with CriptoNoticias, Bitcoin Argentina, Blockchain Colombia and Satoshi en Venezuela.

And now, as the world opens up, BlockDown Conference finally moves offline into the fully-fledged BlockDown Festival: Croatia!

We are creating a truly electric atmosphere that combines the very best of crypto and blockchain content as well as creating a vibrant atmosphere and exhilarating activities. At BlockDown Festival: Croatia we want you to spend your time with us experiencing a different way of life than you would at home, or spending 8 hours stuck in a conference hall.

BlockDown Festival:Croatia 

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Topics Covered


Non Fungible Tokens have taken the world by storm, and everyone from the most famous football players to international music legends are participating in the creation of these digital items that can’t be counterfeit. Discover why NFTs are so powerful for artists and creators – and much more about these incredible tokens!


The gaming industry is certainly growing at an exponential rate and a look at how blockchain technology can support the new generation of game tech is sure to excite many members of our audience.


Decentralized finance is a gamechanger for businesses as more and more companies look to utilise smart contracts, protocols, and decentralized applications. Hear opinions from the biggest leaders in the space regarding what the future holds for DeFi.


Knowledge is power and never has this affirmation been truer than with the era of Web3, where users and machines are able to interact with data and other personalized options according to their tastes in a global network where you are the source. Join us to discuss the impact of the most decentralized version of the modern web yet.


The future is now and it’s on the Metaverse, where avatars can interact with each other, own and use digital assets and even experience augmented reality. Take the blue pill and learn more about the way we’ll shape our relationships in a post-pandemic world.

Venture Capital

How will venture capital impact the world, as the way we use technology adapts? Let all your VC questions be answered here at BlockDown.

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